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    MCT has created YouTube preview videos for all five 2012-2013 productions! Click 'more info' to watch-

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    William Inge was born in May of 1913 and raised in Independence, a small southeastern Kansas town. Inge developed a curiosity for theatre during his adolescent and teen years, inspired by touring companies

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    While Inge calls the play a comedy, this is a serious comedy and the themes that hold the play together are not about the extremes of human nature and behavior, but rather about those things that bring us together and, ultimately, keep us apart.

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    TODAY ONLY! To celebrate the first day of spring (3/20), we are offering 40% OFF tickets to any performance of BUS STOP!

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    What makes Milwaukee? Theater. Words. Photography. In fact, Milwaukee Chamber Theater's production of A Thousand Words, written by Gwendolyn Rice, is what is making Milwaukee right now.

  • February 19, 2012read more

    by Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but can it ever do justice to the ghosts caught in the frame? Should we even care, as long as the resulting images entertain - and sell?

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    by Jim Higgins, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; "A Thousand Words," Gwendolyn Rice's new play inspired by the great photographer Walker Evans, takes place in Kansas and New York, and involves Cuba. But the Madison playwright's Wisconsin work experiences raised crucial questions she pursues in the play.

  • February 16, 2012read more

    WUWM's Bonnie North interviews A THOUSAND WORDS playwright Gwendolyn Rice!

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    Watch John McGivern's "Footlights Minute" interview with actress Molly Rhode!

  • February 14, 2012read more

    by Jenna Kashou, Inside; Just as life can be unexpected, inspiration can also happen at serendipitous or seemingly irrelevant moments. Like reading a newspaper, for example. An article about a set of old photographs by a Depression-era photographer, propelled Madison-based playwright Gwen Rice into a research frenzy back in 2004.